Employee Benefits Law and Commercial Litigation

Mostert Attorneys is regarded as one of the leading firms in this unique field of practice. Its attorneys and consultants are well-versed in this unique field of specialisation, having practiced in this field for well over two decades. The firms core focus is Employee Benefit Law as well as the curatorship of distressed pension funds, thereby contributing significantly to South Africa’s sophisticated financial regulatory regime which:

• Promotes economic stability
• Provides favourable conditions for foreign direct investment
• Provides affected persons with a remedy against fraud and financial injustices in the Financial Services Sector

The firms services to clients in this practice area include, inter alia

• Pension fund curatorship and recovery of misappropriated pension fund assets
• Advice to trustees on the administration and management of pension funds, powers of boards of trustees, and dispute resolution.
• Consultation on employee benefits law, surplus apportionments and compliance with the Pension Funds Act.
• Assistance to aggrieved members of pension funds.


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The Law of Contract

The Law of Contract is the foundation of any society and the nucleus of any legal system since the earliest of times. South African law of contract is equally rooted in Roman Dutch Law. In South Africa the Law of Contract has an evolution and history of over 300 years.

The professionals at Mostert Attorneys are well skilled in drafting contracts and advising clients throughout the broad spectrum of contract law and dispute resolution arising from contractual relationships.

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International Business Law

In an emerging economy such as South Africa, the practice of international business law is becoming vital for economic integration and development. Mostert Attorneys provides clients with sound advice on all legal aspects of conducting business within South Africa and abroad.

By recommendation through the Johannesburg Bar Council, Mr. Mostert was appointed as curator for a China/ South Africa project for introduction of Bengal tigers into Africa. A dispute arose between African and China interests and hence his appointment to act as curator for the project.

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Commercial litigation

The firm practices in all fields of commercial litigation, in particular commercial litigation concerning recovery of assets for distressed financial institutions and corporate entities.

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Labour Law

Mostert Attorneys is passionate about the well-being of its own employees and it therefore goes without saying that we advocate fair labour practices in the workplace and readily assist clients with recognising their rights in the delicate legal relationship that exists between employer and employee.

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Family Law

Mostert Attorneys has experience in all fields of matrimonial law and family law such as divorce, maintenance enquiries, drafting of ANCs, mediation and the like.